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Your Guide to the United States Naval Academy Journey

Academy Insider provides information on the United States Naval Academy journey primarily from the perspective of recent graduates. Academy Insider is a public charity under IRS Section 501(c)(3)


Our Mission

Our Mission

The mission of Academy Insider is to guide, serve, and support Midshipmen, future Midshipmen, and their families.

We are here to be your guide through the USNA experience.

Through the shared experiences of a community of graduates and their families, Academy Insider guides families through the anxiety and frustration caused by lack of understanding, misinformation, and confusion. This platform is designed to better relationships between midshipmen and their loved ones.

Our insider information, guidance, and recommendations transform the USNA journey from “hanging on for survival” to one of leading and maximizing all the opportunities the Naval Academy provides.

This site is not affiliated with the United States Naval Academy. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the United States Navy or the Department of Defense.

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"Great source of info! Lots of practical information and suggestions. Being new to the Navy World, I learned so much! I love Grant's personal stories and sense of humor. He made our plebe summer so much more bearable! I also liked that he admits when he's unsure or doesn't know something. I highly recommend!"

- Kellyann Franks Jeletic


The podcast provides a fun and informative insiders view to all things related to the United States Naval Academy through conversations with our host and founder Grant Vermeer '17 and his guests.

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#000 - What is the Academy Insider Podcast?

The academy insider podcast is for you to get an insider's view of all things related to the United States Naval Academy. Academy insider has grown to over 13,000 followers and this podcast has been downloaded over 100,000 times. I get questions from people all over the world about the Naval Academy, it's traditions, the unique terms, the language that we use, how to get in, what it's like and what the midshipman experience is like on a daily basis. Go to Apple Podcasts to follow so you don't miss an episode. Thank you for letting us be your guide to the United States Naval Academy!

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Our Community

"Anyone that is interested in attending the Naval Academy or knows someone that is there, this a great source of accurate information about things that happen at the Academy and many details associated with them."

- Lisa Routen

"Grant's live chats, written articles and one on one messaging, are the best! Great, timely information, shareed with such humor and realism! Thanks so much for all you do, Grant to keep us in the know!"

- Sherry Moore Maguire


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