Let Me Be Your Guide to the United States Naval Academy

Trying to understand all the nuances and unique aspects of the Naval Academy is difficult and frustrating.

Academy Insider eases the process by cutting through all the misinformation on many well intentioned but outdated books, websites and forums.   

We help you by breaking down the rules, traditions, terms, key events to attend, acronyms, and all that you need to know to be an "insider" and maximize the Academy experience.

Our mission is to support future Midshipmen and their parents, family, and friends to help them survive and thrive throughout their USNA journey.

You can relax and know that with Academy Insider you have a friend “on the inside” at the United States Naval Academy.

I am here to be your guide.

This site is not affiliated with the United States Naval Academy. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the United States Navy or the Department of Defense.

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I have put together a video course for those who want to be prepared to be their best during plebe summer. 

Don't go to plebe summer without preparing smartly! 

I was the Regimental Commander (Midshipman in Charge) for the Class of 2020's plebe summer and I offer you my advice on how to be best prepared to excel during Plebe Summer. 

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

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My family and I know and empathize with how difficult and frustrating it is trying to learn and understand how the Naval Academy actually works.

My free Parents Cheat Sheet is perfect for parents, family members, and friends to have some of the frequently requested questions to the Academy Insider and key resources at your fingertips.

I cover many of the questions I am sure you have, and others you don't even know to ask.

Knowledge is power

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Are you thinking the United States Naval Academy might be right for you?  Want to know more?

My Checklist for Prospective Midshipmen is the perfect overview to start to understand if the academy, might be for you by taking you through some key insider information you need to understand to determine your interest in the Naval Academy.

The Naval Academy is one of the most competitive and prestigious institutions in the world and now is the time to start informing yourself if you might have what it takes to join the Brigade of Midshipmen.

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