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Top USNA Spirit Spots

events and traditions Oct 03, 2017

If you’re new to the Academy, you might not have seen one of them. If you’re not, you’ve probably seen them all a million times. That’s right, they’re spirit spots. And they are awesome.

Spirit spots are essentially just videos that Mids make to get people pumped up before big events (such as the Army-Navy game) or just for fun. From dance numbers to raps to short films, Mids go all out for spirit spots. They are absolutely hilarious and they truly showcase the funny and creatively talented sides of the brigade.

The most prolific spirit spot actor/director/producer is Rylan Tuohy who as a Midshipman took “spirit spots” to a new level with his talent and creativity.  Ryan has passed the torch to a current Midshipman who we all hope carries on the great tradition.  Look out for the name Harold Mantilla, because he too is an extremely talented and creative midshipman with a passion for making videos.

I put together a list of some of my favorite spirit spots (in no particular order). It was very hard to choose favorites, so I apologize in advance if I left out one of your personal favorites. There are so many other great ones out there, so I recommend you go to youtube and check out some of the others.

  • Naptown Funk: To the tune of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, this one has some impressive singing and dancing. This video has been extremely popular on youtube with over 6 million views.
  • CNO on Game Day: If you’ve seen the Geico Hump Day Commercial, you’ll recognize the humor in this one right away. And who doesn’t love seeing the CNO get involved? #BeatArmy
  • Air Force Training at Navy: How does the chair force adjust to Navy training? Check it out for yourself.  
  • Sh*t Mids Don’t Say: There are just some things that don’t exist at the Naval Academy: Blue Rims that fit, mids that do lower body workouts, and mids that enjoy watch (especially on Friday).  Check out some of the things that midshipmen will never say.
  • Annapolis: This video stars national champion boxer and now marine, Steph Simon, for the Navy-Notre Dame Game in 2014 and directed by Rylan Tuohy.  It seemed to work last year when we beat the Fighting Irish 28-27.
  • Siri: I mean…even Siri knows Navy is best.
  • Geico Commercial: What could you save by switching to Navy?
  • Gangnam Style: There’s nothing better than midshipman lip synching and dancing to some popular K-pop.  Watch these mids and their provocative hip movement in this ridiculous video. It’s the midshipmen version of the popular music video Gangnam Style by PSY. It was made by Adam Vetere and Mark Vetere(twins attending the USNA) for the Navy vs. VMI football game in 2012 and starring predominantly members of 22nd Company.  It went viral with millions of hits on youtube.  They are now officers serving in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.  
  • FADE(ing) Air Force: Because Zoomies are… interesting.
  • We Give a Ship: If you enjoy a high quality play on words, check out what makes midshipmen great… the fact we give a ship, and don’t give up the ship.

 And while all of these are phenomenal, there is one video that stands out above the rest, and therefore deserves its own recognition.  Rylan Tuohy promised a blowout for his final Army-Navy game spirit spot, and he delivered. Luke and his band of fellow Mids set out on a journey to rescue Midshipman Leia from Army West Point on the eve of Navy football’s 14th victory. This spirit spot masterpiece includes cameos from Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson and Naval Academy superintendent Vice Adm. Ted Carter.  

When you get the CNO to wield a lightsaber in a video, you know you’ve made it as a filmmaker.  

Yes, it does deserve a short film award.

If you have some other favorites, leave a comment below so other people can go check them out! And if your mid is creatively inclined, suggest he or she make one this year. We can never have enough spirit spots.