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Air Force Spirit Spots at the USNA

Sep 28, 2019

The Navy vs Air Force game is coming up on October 5, 2019 which means it is spirit spot time.

While USNA vs Air Force spirit spots can never compare to some of the Army-Navy spirit spot classics, there have been a number of tremendous creative cinematic efforts throwing shade at the United States Air Force Academy.

There are some consistent themes that you will find running through spirit spots during Air Force week which might include chairs, fitness, mocking the Air Force uniform, their lack of military training and mostly poking fun at their stature as a service academy in comparison to the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy.

In the countdown to the Air Force game on October 5th at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, I will share with you each day leading up to the game, one of my favorite spirit spots celebrating the unique characteristics of the USAFA and their cadets.


Day 1 of the countdown:

Please enjoy a very clever well-produced spirit spot from 2017 by Mid Productions of the USNA Class of 2019. Enjoy!

Meet Karl Spirit Spot

Day 2 brings us a Now DECLASSIFIED video. 

This "Chair Force" themed video is brought to us by one of the greatest spirit spot creators Rylan Tuohy.  His archived footage offers a glimpse into the Air Force training program at Navy. 

Go Navy! Beat Air Force! Directed by: Rylan Tuohy

Air Force Training at Navy

Day 3 - "Who are we Playing?"

In day 3 of the Air Force Spirit Spots, I want to tip my hat to the USNAPAO for producing a real winner of an Air Force Spirit Spot.  In less than three minutes they effectively mock the Air Force Academy for being soft, not fit, always in a chair and mostly for being really irrelevant in any service academy rivalries.  This is strong work from the office of the USNAPAO 2016.

Enjoy and “Go Navy Beat Air Force!!”

In day 4 of the Air Force Spirit spots, I want to take you way back. 

Most of the plebes this year were probably nine years old when the Mids from Backshaft Productions released the DYNAMITE dance sensation/Air Force spirit spot video.   After watching this spirit spot video recorded probably on a super 8 camcorder, you can’t help but be impressed by the talent of the filmmakers and dancers in this video.  It definitely gets one pumped up to Beat Air Force!!

In day 5 of the Air Force Spirit spots, the office of the USNAPAO is back with another strong effort. 

This spirit spot tells the tale of an Air Force Academy Cadet lamenting in an email home to his parents about the differences he is experiencing at the Naval Academy having to actually be in the military.  It is so funny because it is so true.  Go Navy!! Beat Air Force!!

In day 6 of the Air Force Spirit spots, we have a brand new entry that just dropped on October 2, 2019. 

The irony is that this new The Zoomie at Navy spirit spot from the uber-talented Delfino Garcia replaces his very own spirit spot from the countdown.  While the production quality of the Fear the Boat spirit spot Delfino created in 2018 is awesome, the 2019 homage to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a winner starring Kendell Louis ‘21.  Kendell is a star boxer at the academy and can be followed at @kenstar1231 on Instagram.

 The creative talent coming out of the naval academy continues to keep us way ahead in the spirt spot game over our rivals.  You can follow Delfino on Instagram at @delfino_g10

Here is the Fear the Boat spot that now moves to honorable mention in the countdown that The Zoomie at Navy is on the scene.

 Go Navy!! Beat Air Force!!

In day 7, the final day of the Air Force Spirit spots countdown, I want to end the countdown on a true classic - What Does a Zoomie Say? [The Fox Parody]

The 2013 spirit sport from the then rising spirit spot star Rylan Tuohy concludes our countdown.

This great collaboration is directed by Rylan but Adam Vetere from DoubleBond Productions of USNA Gangam Style fame is credited with some of the filming.  This good natured roast of our friends from Colorado Springs is complete with singing, the USNA dance team and even a Hitchcock like cameo of Rylan.  This is so much fun and a true spirit spot classic!

I hope you enjoyed our Air Force Spirit Spot countdown.

I want to give a shoutout to some 2019 spirit spots that came in after the blog article was written:

The Midshipmen behind enemy lines on an exchange program at the United States Air Force Academy have contributed to the greater spirit battle during Air Force Week with the spirit spot video- You're Not You When You're Hungry - Navy vs Air Force Spirit Spot 2019 

 and an epic prank.

Midshipman Lance Cagle gives us Rae-S - No Chance 

Go Navy!!  Beat Air Force!!!