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events and traditions May 17, 2017

Over Plebe Summer, the Plebes are broken up into 30 platoons.  Their Platoon number directly reflects their Company number during the Academic Year.

Attached are all 30 logos of the Academic Year Companies.  Each company has a unique reputation and culture, and they all have little quirks that make them slightly different.

For example, I was a member of the 26th Company.  The 26th Company mascot is the Rough Riders, named after the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry (aka the Rough Riders), who were led by none other than the 26th President of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt.

You will begin to realize that your plebe will have a lot of pride towards their company, and it will be a fun discussion topic as they begin to discover the culture they have entered into.

Additionally, as you continue your Waldo hunting for your plebe, look for the yellow guide-on flags with a blue letter or number, which represents their Plebe Summer company or platoon respectively, to help narrow your search.

1st company

2nd company

3rd company

4th company

5th company

6th company

7th company

8th company

9th company

10th company

11th company

12th company

13th company

14th company

15th company

16th company

17th company

18th company

19th company

20th company

21st company

22nd company

23rd company

24th company

25th company

26th company

27th company

28th company

29th company

30th company