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Live Stream and Video of Commissioning at the United States Naval Academy 2020

commissioning May 02, 2020

Where can I watch the United States Naval Academy virtual graduation/commissioning? 

On May 22 a virtual graduation/commissioning ceremony celebrating the Naval Academy’s Class of 2020 will be broadcast at this link.

The virtual ceremony on May 22 will begin at 2:30 p.m. EDT with a Class of 2020 tribute, followed by the ceremony itself beginning at 3:00 p.m. EDT.

The Navy traditionally live broadcasts the ceremony at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium.

What will the graduation/commissioning be like in 2020?

The details of the virtual ceremony are under development, but the ceremonial swearing-in events will be filmed and incorporated as a part of the overall virtual ceremony.

Naval Academy officials have called midshipmen back to the yard to move out and commission in five cohorts.

Each cohort will have approximately 210 midshipmen, who will have two days to move out and commission.

During their last day on the yard, the cohort will participate in a private commissioning ceremony that will be filmed and released on May 22, the day they were set to commission together.

There will be 5 ceremonies, Mids in their dress uniforms, in Tecumseh Court.

To read more about the details of the event, go to my blog post on the Superintendent's announcement.

The private ceremonies will include the midshipmen in uniform taking the oath of office.


Will the Naval Academy Livestream these small in-person events while they are happening?

The Academy will not be live-streaming the five small, closed, socially-distanced swearing-in events. 

The virtual event on May 22 will include some video footage of the in-person events.

Full recordings of the five swearing-in events will be made available after the May 22 virtual graduation and commissioning ceremony.


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