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Navy Night: The Bowie Baysox

events and traditions plebe summer Aug 01, 2017

While I grew up playing and loving baseball, not everyone is as fond of a game that can be, well… a little slow at times. However, for plebes who have been going through intense training and who have been getting yelled at for 6 straight weeks, a trip to a minor league baseball game is a divine treat.

Near the end of Plebe Summer, the Bowie Baysox, a minor league team in Maryland, hosts Navy Night. Navy Night gives the plebes an opportunity to travel 14 miles from the Yard, sit down with a hot dog in hand, and unwind with their friends while watching some baseball and fireworks.  

However, probably the most exciting part of this night for many of the plebes is that the plebes will get to wear the iconic Navy Summer Whites uniform for the first time, allowing them to truly feel that Plebe Parents weekend is approaching.

While these are not the uniforms they will be wearing, you get my point.

For the week leading up to the game, the plebes will spend the majority of grey space learning how to iron the creases into their uniforms, how to properly place their name tags and ribbon racks, how to properly align their gig line, and how to shine their white shoes.  All of this training will culminate in multiple uniform inspections to ensure that the plebes are looking SHARP and ready to go.

The plebes will be bused from the Yard (Naval Academy Campus) to the game in their Summer Whites uniform feeling confident and proud as ever, ready to strut around in their pearly white uniforms. But while wearing the Summer Whites is very exciting, let me tell you this: ketchup and Summer Whites do not go together well.

I remember being a plebe at the baseball game and being so excited to eat some junk food and just enjoy a night of peace. So in the mad rush to the concession stands following the national anthem, I join the chaos to go get a hot dog.  After a good 45 minutes of waiting in line, I get my less than average hot dog, put ketchup on it, and start walking to my seat.

But of course, in classic plebe fashion, I get some bad luck and a civilian man stops in front of me, turns around, and knocks my tray of food directly back into the center of my shirt. So a night that I was praying would be detailer free quickly turned into me being the center of attention.

Luckily a bunch of plebes and detailers had Shout wipes on them (Lifesavers… the tide pens don’t work as well, but never let your mid go anywhere in Whites without multiple Shout wipes handy) and I was (mostly) able to get the stains out.

While for many it is the best night of Plebe Summer, the night for me was…well, memorable.

So while the detailers are stressed out moving and keeping track of 1100 people, the baseball game is an amazing night for the plebes. It is the first time in a long time that no one is controlling them, and even a lick of freedom feels amazing.

Often times, however, the plebes enjoy the freedom a little too much and eat way too much junk food. This, combined with the fact that the plebes won’t get back to the Yard until around 11:15 at night (over an hour past their usual bedtime), means PEP the next morning can be pretty rough.

Additionally, I cannot stress enough that the United States Naval Academy is not college. It is an entirely different experience that is accompanied with a unique set of advantages and hardships. So while most of the plebes’ friends are looking forward to their first college fraternity party, the plebes themselves are EXCITED by the freedom to eat a hot dog in peace and to stay up an extra hour.

The baseball game is one of those great experiences that the plebes will always remember.

I also just wanted to let you all know that I redeemed myself in Bowie Baysox round two as a detailer and managed to keep my uniform ketchup free. Here is the photo evidence.

Hopefully, your plebes are able to keep their ketchup and their Summer Whites away from one another and enjoy themselves fully.

Tickets for the game are available to the general public, but I DO NOT RECOMMEND attending to see your plebe.  If you do go to the game, do not contact a plebe.

If you have any further questions about the baseball game or about Plebe Summer, please leave me a comment below, email me at [email protected] or send me a message on my Facebook page.

Go Baysox!

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