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The New Jersey Parents Club Mega Tailgate - "The Miracle on Asphalt"

midshipman life Nov 20, 2019

USNA Parent’s Clubs (all of them!!) are tremendous resources for parents, midshipmen and the Naval Academy in so many ways.

Even though I am a California kid, I have to admit there is something VERY SPECIAL about the USNA New Jersey Parents Club.

They host sixteen annual events, plus many other efforts to support midshipmen, the Navy, and the military.  This blog post focuses on their “Miracle on Asphalt”.

New Jersey Parent Club Tailgate

This miracle is where the most dedicated and loving volunteers host hundreds of Midshipmen at a mega-tailgate party for midshipmen at every Navy home football game. They welcome parents traveling from other states to join them. 

 This tailgate effort is headed up by the leadership of Bill Asdal, who leads up a dedicated crew for the tailgate. New Jersey parents, and their friends and family (and parents visiting from faraway states) bring food, cook, clean, and serve.  They make only home-cooked meals. 

They don’t even allow hamburgers or hot dogs at this tailgate.  The rule is...what would you serve your guest if they came to your house for dinner?  Then cook that for the midshipmen.  The result is delicious homemade meals from multiple different cultures served to all midshipmen.

Is This Only For Midshipmen from New Jersey?

NO! This event is for ALL midshipmen, regardless of where they are from. 

Kevin Corbett the NJ Parents Club President says that "all midshipmen are from New Jersey, whether they know it or not."

As a Northern California kid from the city of Mountain View, I ate many amazing meals after football games at the New Jersey tailgate.  On a recent visit to a game, I got to eat there again and was reminded of how wonderful the food is and how warm and welcoming all the parents of New Jersey are.  They treated the Academy Insider team as family.

This beautiful hand made blanket was given to me by Chie Davis of the club 

The Mission

The purpose of this Club is to establish a strong link of friendship between all parents of Midshipmen; to support the brigade of midshipmen with emphasis to NJ midshipmen; to promote a better understanding of the US Naval Academy; to assist the US Naval Academy Administration, as requested; and to promote the good & welfare of the Membership.

They do an amazing job in executing that mission and purpose.

How Can You Get Involved?

They welcome any USNA family that make great homemade food to bring it down game day.  They always need everyone's help to cook food, set up beforehand, help serve the Mids and/or help clean-up and re-load the trailer after the tailgater.

If you cannot bring food, you may always make a donation.


Taylor Road, Stadium Front, directly on the March On route.  Look for their tent and NJPC signs.  They generally have someone on-site by 0900 on game day. 


After every Navy home game.  You can come early, or before the game to help set-up, or you can help out after half-time to get things heated; you can help serve our hungry Mids immediately after the game, or you can stick around after to help with the clean-up.  You need not commit to the entire process, they would love to have your help at any time.


Because New Jersey loves ALL Midshipmen.  They want them to know that we care about them and appreciate the choices they have made on behalf of our country.  

They want their members to be great ambassadors of their wonderful state.  Most of them live less than a 3-hour drive from USNA.  Getting up early to cook several trays of great home-cooked food, driving 3 hours to Annapolis, serving hundreds of midshipmen (and doling out lots of hugs while they're at it) is something they do with enthusiasm to support midshipmen.  So jump on board, lend a hand, make your best meal, bake those fabulous cookies.  Join them in this miracle and show all of the midshipmen that NJ LOVES THE MIDS!

Since 1982, the New Jersey Parents Club has served midshipmen, our Navy, and our country with fellowship, good cheer, and dedication.  They generously serve our Mids and I encourage you to stop by at the next game, help out or send a donation so they may continue to share that New Jersey hospitality and love with the Brigade.

You can learn a lot more about the club and all their activities by checking out their website and social media channels which are run so well by Larry Davis.

There are 80-plus clubs throughout the United States. Parent clubs are a great resource to keep you informed about the Naval Academy, Annapolis and your midshipman's four-year journey.  You can learn more about other parents' clubs or help find one near you at

New Jersey Parents Club Website: