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The United States Naval Academy Parent Journey

usna parent Nov 29, 2019

One of the blogs that I (the Academy Insider) follow about the USNA journey is My Kid, The Mid a blog focused on the United States Naval Academy.

This man behind this blog is Karl Smith a USNA dad who is a writer, storyteller and clearly a good guy who cares about the midshipmen of the USNA.

Karl started publishing the blog back in January 2018 writing

I don’t have any audacious plans, but I’ve been writing so much about the Academy on various social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. – that I thought I’d take the time to take it in a slightly different direction.

This won’t be comprehensive, nor will it be authoritative. It’s just meant to be fun and entertaining. So thanks for visiting and enjoy!

He has generously shared with us over fifty posts on this blog from The Dark Ages to Must-Have "Mid" items for the Army-Navy Game

I also recently read his book Anchored in Tradition: An unofficial collection of fun, facts and figures about life at the United States Naval Academy.

The book is written in a breezy style and constructed so that a reader can practically open to any page and jump right in. I encourage you to get a copy!

Karl is a USNA parent (Noah '20) and has a daughter at the Air Force Academy.

He has been of great service to the USNA parent community through his book, blog, and assistance to others on parent facebook pages.

I recently had him as a guest on my podcast. I was so impressed and enjoyed my conversation with him so much.

We talk about his journey as a naval academy parent, his blog and his book.

Karl is a great conversationalist, storyteller, and dedicated parent.  He is honest, authentic and funny and shares so much tremendous wisdom and insight for everyone around navigating the academy journey.

You can listen to this episode with Karl on Apple Podcasts at or on Buzzsprout at

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