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What is that uniform that plebes wear? White Works Echo

plebe summer uniform May 11, 2019

What is that uniform that plebes wear during plebe summer?

While those on the outside think of them as sailor suits, the “white works echo” are the official working uniform of the 4th Class midshipmen. In addition to Plebe Summer, you may see upper-class midshipmen going to class in this uniform after losing a bet during the Academic Year.  The components of the “white works echo” uniform are as follows:

Dixie Cup Cover

The cap, or “cover,”  is called the Dixie Cup Cover. This is the piece that really makes the uniform look like a sailor suit.

Blouse and Trousers

The white shirt with the flap on the back is referred to as a “blouse,” and they are paired with white trousers.

They’re rather spacious and comfy, and they have a special addition: there is a hidden pocket on the inside of the pants that is sized perfectly to hold a plebe’s copy of the Reef Points.

So, when moving from place to place, a plebe can always have the Reef points accessible.

USNAs and Blue Rims

Underneath the blouse and trousers, a plebe will wear a pair of USNA shorts and a Blue Rim T-shirt.

Belt and Buckle

The belt is worn over the blouse rather than around the trousers as the trousers do not have belt loops. There’s a ‘rate’ (required knowledge) that upperclassmen have that says that if an upperclassmen were to ask a 4th Class midshipman, “What’s Up?” the plebe should reply, “Sir/Ma’am, fidelity is up and obedience is down on our bayonet buckles, Sir/Ma’am!” This is because the belt buckle has the word “fidelity” across the top and “obedience” along the bottom.

Name Tag

Plebes will also always have their name tag on their left side above their breast pocket. It is supposed to be worn ¼ inch above the pocket for inspections, but that can be hard to perfect on a day-to-day basis.

White Athletic Socks and Shoes

Plebes will complete their look with “motivated” white athletic socks and new balance tennis shoes.  

The term motivated when in reference to socks, means that the socks will be pulled up tightly so there is no slack left in the sock.  

…Let’s just say that fashion is not high on the detailer priority list.

If you have any further questions regarding the “White Works Echo” or other plebe summer attire, let us know!